Scents through the Seasons

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

From scores by Vivaldi and Glazunov to paintings of Claude Monet and Art Deco representations of Alphonse Mucha, we love to represent the four seasons in all manner of ways.

Scents can be a great way to capture the essence of the season as well – just ask the Pumpkin Spice lovers.

That being said, capturing something with a scent is a lot more ephemeral than those other artistic representations. Candles can be an incredibly useful way of transmuting those aromatic representations of the seasons into something more tangible without sacrificing the lovely scents themselves.

The science itself on this point is fascinating. We have 50 million smell receptors (compared to 230 million for our dogs) so we have quite a lot of sensory seasonal sensitivity to “Scents and Sensibility.”

Of course, the question remains – what candle scents are best for capturing the nature of each season?

Spring Scents

As a period of rebirth and renewal, we imagine those spring scents, and that often means floral scents. Think peonies, lilies, and all manner of floral-scented candles. When looking for spring seasonal candles, you want to look for floral scents that are vibrant and evoke the sense of revival and rebirth.

Of course, there’s a lot more to spring than just flowers. After all, as the old sing-song-saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” so rain-scented candles can be a huge coup. In addition, you might want to consider candles that evoke scents that are themselves a product of rainy green-scented growth.

Think eucalyptus candle scents. Think grass and other “green” scents. Simon and Garfunkel – cribbing from a classic British folk tune – may have sung about “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme,” but any green and herbal scents are welcome.

Summer Scents

Whether you love the summer sun or are melting away like a poor candle yourself, summer is a time for sweeter florals and outdoorsy, natural scents. You ideally want a mixture of different scents, therefore, such as different fruit blends. Sandalwood can also work wonders. Natural oils can work as well.

If you have candles that evoke the scent of the beach (a la Calvin Clein and Kramer!) now’s the time.

Autumn Scents

When you think of autumn, you think of fallen leaves and woody scents, and these are two of the most common kinds of scents you want to look for when searching for candles for the autumn season.

Of course, that is a broad category, and can include a wide variety of different scents. For example, think back to those aforementioned Pumpkin Spice lattes, the aromatic elixir which permeates Starbucks locations and lovers of this scent cars and apartments every autumn. This hints at two things. First, Pumpkin Spice lattes are a force to be reckoned with, but secondly and more importantly for us, spices can be a great way to “spice up” your traditional aromatic candle arrangement come autumn.

We've got a fall scent for the pumpkin lover - Pumpkin Chai.

It isn’t just pumpkin spice. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, saffron – pick a spice you find extra nice and let it fill your home with the spicy scent of crisp autumn afternoons made warm by candlelight and lattes!

Winter Scents

In between enjoying fruitcake and matzoh and watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and the endless parade of A Christmas Carol adaptations on TV, winters tend to have a fruity scent. This harkens back to “the reason for the seasons” themselves, which often included fruits as part of their festivities. Fruits are a traditional part of many religious holiday festivities.

You can use this to help inspire your winter scented candle game. Look for scents that match the traditional fruits that are associated with the holidays you hold dear.

Of course, winter is also a season when we bake all manner of sweets for ourselves (whether our waistlines like it or not!), so if you have sweeter scents that evoke the sense of baking aromas wafting through your home, now’s the time. Think vanilla bean candles. Think lemon and orange. Whatever you choose, try to choose something that fills you and your home with home fragrances of festivity.

Some of our winter scented candles include Cranberry Apple Marmalade, Apples and Maple Bourbon and Cypress and Bayberry.

As quoted from Ecclesiastes and (obviously just as culturally impactful) The Byrds, “to everything there is a season” – and likewise there are perfect scented candles for each season!

Fall is coming up. What are some of your favorite fall scents?

Glave Candle House Editors

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