Getting through the Pandemic with Candles

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Before COVID-19 began, lighting a candle was already a favorite method among many for rest, relaxation, and promoting positive mental health. Now, those attributes are more important than ever.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some reasons why lighting a candle can help soothe the senses and get you through this pandemic, along with some bespoke choices for your own home candle-lighting arrangements.

Mark the Time

One drawback to being indoors all day during quarantine is that times can start to blur together. Morning, evening, breakfast, dinner – you’re indoors all day, so what’s the difference? That’s not just quarantine frustration talking, either – your circadian rhythm can get thrown off if you spend too much time indoors precisely because your body loses track of the natural progression of time via day/night transitions and outdoor time.

Lighting candles can be a subtle, satisfying way of mentally conveying to yourself that, yes, time does still exist and – hey! – it’s evening time! That, in turn, can help cue your body into the fact that it’s time to start getting ready for bed and improve your sleep quality.

If you’ve been suffering from COVID-19 quarantine-induced insomnia, lighting subtly scented candles like our Himalayan Bamboo option can help your body and mind get back to a sense of balance and your pre-quarantine routine.

Time to Meditate

If you’re a fan of yoga, chances are you already know the benefits of a good meditation routine. It soothes your cares, helps you relax, eases stress and anxiety, and gets you in a better mind space to tackle whatever comes your way. This is just one reason why it has emerged as a popular option for those looking to conquer their quarantine ennui. Add to that the fact yoga can help give your body a workout – good for staving off a quarantine workout-free waistline! – and the impetus toward meditating and doing yoga during COVID-19 becomes clear.


Of course, meditation is an entire process. People who are serious about their yoga and meditation time often love to pair it with tea and, yes, scented candles – so why not pair the two with choices like our Lavender Tea and Tonic candle?

Stimulate Creativity

It’s hard to find a silver lining in something that’s wrought havoc and claimed lives across the globe. No loss of human life is ever worth the “price” of art. That said, if you’re home from work due to quarantine and can’t stand Netflix-ing the day away anymore, turning to a creative outlet can be a great way to stimulate your mind, be productive in a self-empowering way, and give your life a sense of purpose again.

Artists throughout history have searched for, ehem, “stimulation,” but suffice it to say candles represent a safer, more legal substance to help you “stimulate” your creative side. A 2009 Psychology Today article highlights the link between cinnamon vanilla scents and creativity. Additionally, a 2011 study in the North American Journal of Psychology found the scent of peppermint to improve cognitive performance while playing video games.

Whether you’re looking to unleash your inner Mozart or Monet or simply do better in Mario Kart, the cinnamon, vanilla, and minty aromas such as this Grapefruit and Mint combo might help.

Aromas Around the World

If you love to travel, quarantine can feel like house arrest. That’s why aromatherapy and candles can be a great way of bringing the aromas and auras of different parts of the world to you.

Cactus Flower

For example, if you’re in love with desert landscapes, you might want to try our Cactus Flower and Jade. If you miss the beach or life by the waterside, Sea Salt and Orchid candle can be a fantastic combination for bringing the scent of the ocean back into your life.

Of course, candles are at their best when paired with other sensory elements. Maybe you want to use those sea-scented candles in conjunction with soothing ASMR sea noises and seafood. Perhaps that cactus flower candle would go well with the roaring engine and dusty backdrop of a road trip movie.

From calming aromas for mindfulness to scents to stimulate your creativity to simply keeping a sense of balance and beauty in your life, kindling your passion for candles can help fill these darkest COVID-19 days with light.

What are some ways you use candles to relax during the pandemic? Do you consider scent? Do you light up during an activity such as yoga? Let us know.

Glave Candle House Editors

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